Welcome to the BoKlok world!

What is BoKlok?

BoKlok is a residential housing concept providing sustainable home ownership for the many people. The concept is developed and jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA.

Skanska is an industry leader in residential development and construction. IKEA has the same reputation within home furnishings and furniture production. With 25 years’ experience, the extensive BoKlok partnership takes the strengths from each company and creates a pioneering concept where innovative, industrialised construction meets the human aspects of what a home should be.

BoKlok homes are built primarily from wood, using a smart, industrialised and efficient process. Homes are completed off-site in a safe and dry environment using modern methods of construction. This enables predictability, high quality and low costs.

To date, BoKlok has developed about 15,000 homes. BoKlok is currently operating in Sweden and the UK.