Good homes last

Good homes last. Technical sustainability is all about our building quality. We don´t take any short cuts nor ignore problems. 

To avoid errors, know exactly what we will deliver and ensure that the quality of our work, we build using the same method time after time.

We build most of our houses inside, which reduces the risk of weather damage. We build with care to show respect for for the people who will move in and we build smart using natural and enironmentally friendly materials. The same thing goes for the fixtures and fittings, which are always high quality.

Because we´ve perfected our process we are one of the fastest companies in the industry. No one else can build and deliver a quality home, redy to move into as fast as us. As soon as we´ve found the right piece of land we don´t waste any time. This means less disruption for local residents and fewer risks for the builders.

Green and pleasant

How we make our homes and areas environmentally sustainable.

Low price with a purpose

How we build, so that everyone can afford to live well.

BoKlok bygger för social hållbarhet

Friendly neighbourhoods

How we as a construction company promote democracy and integration.