BoKlok bygger för social hållbarhet


We built for better community

We strive to create safe neighbourhoods where people from different backgrounds and ages can live together. We think these kinds of neighbourhoods should be found everywhere, not just where people can pay the most. Anyone can build where there’s money.

When we meet future home owners at IKEA stores, we take a simple and down-to-earth approach. It’s important that everyone can understand the buying process including both financing through our partners and the form of tenure.

Our democratic sales model means everyone has the same chance to buy one of our properties. This creates a wonderful mix of people. Meeting new people is an important part of life. Our customers should see BoKlok as company they can rely on. With us things are straightforward the whole way. We are honest and open and our business can take any amount of scrutiny.

We have several development projects and initiatives to help local communities flourish and so many more types of customers can buy one of our homes. Just ask, we’ll be happy to tell you more.

We believe that when your new neighbourhood is as safe as your new home, you are happy.

Green and pleasant

How we make our homes and areas environmentally sustainable.

Low price with a purpose

How we build, so that everyone can afford to live well.

Smart construction

How we deal with quality in processes and materials.