Ecological is economical

In a world with finite recourses we do as much as possible to minimise our impact on the environment. We build our houses using wood – the most climate neutral and building material. We constantly look for better solutions and use 100% recyclable materials as much as we can.

Our housing areas are relatively small with leafy areas where people can meet in a natural way. They are always close to public transport, shops and other public amenities. People aren’t at home all the time.

The building itself needs to be used for many years. So, we help our customers live more sustainably, whether that means saving energy and water or how they can find cleaning products without any harmful chemicals.

Perhaps most important of all, we don’t build any unnecessary square meters. We create smart space, not show-off space. Every square meter we don’t build reduces our environmental impact.

Solceller på flerfamiljshus med loftgång i grönområde


Beginning in 2019, BoKlok will equip all apartment projects it builds in Sweden with photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs. That’s about 1,000 homes annually. BoKlok – Swedish for Live Smart – is the first residential developer in Sweden to make such a large-scale commitment to solar power, which will lower residents’ energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The electricity from the solar panels will drive the buildings' ventilation, lighting and parts of the shared heating. Any surplus will be sent directly to the common power grid. As much as possible, the buildings will be oriented to maximize solar energy production. This is a collaboration with IKEA Group.

Low price with a purpose

How we build, so that everyone can afford to live well.

Smart construction

How we deal with quality in processes and materials.

BoKlok bygger för social hållbarhet

Friendly neighbourhoods

How we as a construction company promote democracy and integration.