Greedy, sure. But not towards our customers.

Low price with purpose

We build houses with low customer costs, lower than our competitors. The low-cost model gives more people the opportunity to own a newly built home. Or to hire one, in which case we sell to a landlord.

Price is our competitive edge. We are committed to understanding what our customers can afford. Our transparent pricing approach is backed up by a democratic sales model. There is no room for sharp elbows and no chance to jump the queue.

A low price doesn’t appear out of thin air – it comes out of low costs. We do everything with a cost-conscious stance – it makes us push ourselves further. We are not cheap and never deliver poor quality, rather we are smart with how we spend. We don’t spend on the things that our customers don’t want or need, but instead on things that will be meaningful to their homes. Our goal is a low price with meaning. That’s something entirely different from building cheaply.

We never set our prices too high because the people we sell to don’t usually have a lot of savings. They usually need to borrow money, so we need to keep the price down. To do this we create more homes per square meter than others do. We’re inspired by the challenge of creating space for everything you need in a small area. But we don’t let space limitations stop us using quality natural materials, nor do we let it affect natural light or allowance for outside space.

In fact, we save money on the square meters we don’t build and on the sales and marketing activities we never need to do. We’ve noticed that it’s quick and easy to sell when prices are low. Plus, more people can live well.

Green and pleasant

How we make our homes and areas environmentally sustainable.

Smart construction

How we deal with quality in processes and materials.

BoKlok bygger för social hållbarhet

Friendly neighbourhoods

How we as a construction company promote democracy and integration.