BoKlok makes it possible for people with average incomes to own a sustainable, quality, low cost home. That’s what drives us.


The idea was born in the early 1990s when joint owners, IKEA and Skanska came together to offer sustainable, quality, low-cost home ownership. 

IKEA is a world leader in functional and inviting homes and Skanska is a world leader in green building. 

The first BoKlok homes was completed in 1997 and so far, we have built more than 11,000 homes throughout Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. On average this amounts c. 1,200 homes a year. 

We produce much of our homes as we can, within the factory. This allows us to get to work as soon as we arrive on a building site. 

People living nearby really appreciate that our work is tidy, calm and quiet. We also work more safely because we have fewer heavy vehicles driving through the area. 

We can build small apartments in a single day, and the roof goes on as quickly as possible to avoid weather damage.


In a world with finite resources we do as much as possible to minimise our impact on the environment., which is why we build in wood – the most climate neutral and natural building material. 

Building in a factory lowers our environmental impact, especially as we use timber frames. We recycle most of our leftover materials; less than one percent gets thrown away. And our carbon footprint is less than half that of normal building projects. 

All of this makes us more sustainable and more cost effective.