Treading a different path


BoKlok is not like other housing developers, and that makes us really proud. The idea of our concept is – in short – that our customers should get as much house as possible for as little money as possible.

Quick facts

  • The idea was born in the early 1990s
  • The first BoKlok homes was completed in 1997
  • We build about 1,200 homes a year
  • So far we have built more than 11,000 homes in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway
  • We have more than 450 employees in Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • We are responsible for the entire value chain - product development, project development, factory manufacturing, construction, sales and customer relations

Good idea 1

"It must be possible to build good housing for ordinary people with ordinary jobs."

Melker Schörling, Skanska and Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA

Good idea 2

"How about asking first, and then plan?"

Inger Olsson, developer Skanska,
Madeleine Nobs, interior decorator IKEA
and Gun Ahlström, architect

More for less

When we started planning BoKlok we decided to look at some important facts first, such as: Whom are we building for? What are they able and willing to pay? And how do they want to live?

The answer was: We should imagine our buyer being a single pre-school teacher with one kid, and a small wallet. This family would prefer something bright and roomy, near nature and public transportation.

One could say it sounds contradicting – such good living at such a good price – but we chose to take it on as an inspiring challenge. 

Good idea 3

"Yes! We let a drawing of order determines who gets to choose flat first. Everyone should have the same chance."


In the beginning we mainly targeted single parents with low incomes, young people leaving home, and seniors longing for easy and convenient living – and our block of flats were born. Then we quickly realised that our philosophy is just as appreciated by families in other living situations as well, so we developed the terraced houses.


Skanska is an industry leader in housing development and construction. IKEA has the same status within home furnishings and furniture production. So, what happens when you put these two innovators together? BoKlok:

  • We are super efficient
    We have scrutinised our costs and trimmed them to the bone. But only to a certain extent, of course. We never compromise on quality or sustainability regulations.
  • We repeat our smart solutions
    Our houses are extremely well planned – we have managed to minimise the living space but at the same time maximise the spacious feeling. But we only draw every type of housing once. We then build after the same drawings over and over.
  • We build in a factory
    We build our houses indoors in a factory. That makes us able to cut costs when it comes to materials and transports, and it also improves the working environment for our construction workers. And of course – it never rains indoors. The houses are then being put together on site in only a day or two. Safer, faster and less noisy for the neighbours.
  • We are fast
    Thanks to all the above, we are really fast when it comes to putting “ready-to-move-in-to”-housing in the ground. Our record? Only 7 months from land assignment to owners moving in. That’s appreciated from both us and the municipalities.